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Should the EPA regulate CO2? And at what level?

Of course the EPA must regulate CO2. Just look at the dangers of Hypercapnia. At 1% concentration of carbon dioxide CO2 (10,000 parts per million or ppm) and under continuous exposure at that level, such as in an auditorium filled with occupants and poor fresh air ventilation, some occupants are likely to feel drowsy. The […]

First official draft on climate deal

Hot off the presses from Politiken (Denmark) <a href=" What is left to the delegates next week is to agree on the exact numbers, such as reducing CO2 emissions by 50%, 85% or even 95% by 2050. Then Obama will fly in and sign it before reading, much less understanding it.

The leaked “Danish Text”

DRAFT 271109 Decision 1/CP.15 (Decision 1/CMP.5 in separate document) Adoption of The Copenhagen Agreement Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change The Conference of the Parties, Pursuant to the Bali Road Map adopted by the Conference of the Parties at its thirteenth session, Acknowledging and building on the work by the Ad Hoc […]