The biggest threat to civilization. A view from Denmark

The Conservative vice Prime Minister of Denmark spoke to a Danish Reporter from Ekstrabladet:
” The Muslim threat to our society far exceeds the challenge of climate change.
If you walk around aimlessly thinking that the biggest threat to our existence is the environment flooding you in the next decades, prepare yourself for another think.
The biggest threats to Denmark and the Danish value system are Muslim.” This affirms the leader of the Conservative party and Vice P.M. Lene Espersen, and is thus raising the level of the dialogue hither fore heard only from the Danish People’s Party.
“The biggest threat is coming from Militant Muslim extremism,” the minister said.

They are watching Pakistani TV
Lene Espersen is happy that so many immigrants participate in the work force – but this in no way solves the underlying problem.
” The problem is: If they are part of the work force but not part of the society, it still does not work . They go to work, make their money, but they live in a parallel society where they watch Arab and Pakistani TV when they get home – thereby totally bypassing Danish society” Lene Espersen added.

Demand more

She look at the way out of this growing problem is a strengthening of the “Value Politics”
“We will increase our requirements. We will extend our hand to those who have a hard time to see the wisdom in our model of society. We will require both a carrot and a stick.”

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