The case for a God

The case for a God. By Lennart Bilén

For many years trying to think like a scientist I attempted to explain everything without involving anything about which we do not know. The question always is: So how do we exist? The fundamental laws of Physics tell us the total sum of matter and energy is a constant. Creation is therefore impossible without violating the laws of Physics.

So we know that without something outside of what we know we cannot possibly exist. This must exist outside the confines of time and space because, confined to time and space the laws of Physics rule. But since it is outside of time and space there is no way for us to observe it. Yet I do know one thing. The universe exists. I exist and have a sense of presence. Before time and space existed there was something else. For lack of something else I will call it absolute truth, maybe expressible as a mathematical construct.

This truth created the universe, with time and space, and the other dimensions to make it all consist, and the creation was a new stable system. This creation is what we live in. The creator of this system I have chosen to call God. Since we are bound in time and space, and this God is unrestrained of this confinement, is it possible for us to know anything about this God except that without his existence we cannot exist?

There are basically 3 positions possible with respect to God.

  1. There is no God. This is the atheist position. I cannot accept that position since it is not intellectually honest. The proof for this position is impossible to meet since it presumes to know all about the unknown.
  2. There is a God, but it is impossible to know the character of this God. This is the agnostic position. I respect this position, partly because I held it myself for quite a few years. I personally struggled with it, mostly because I saw purpose everywhere, not only in nature, but also in music.
  3. There is a God, and He does manifest Himself in various ways. I have accepted this position as being true.

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