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Slavery through the ages, or “The curse of Ham”

Slavery through the ages, or “The curse of Ham” Obama Says Slavery’s Past Should Be Taught in the United States. He said this while in Ghana, a former slave trading center. Religion is not permitted to be taught in public schools, but religion plays a vital part in both the establishment and abolishment of slavery. […]

Water, a much bigger problem than climate change.

The safe, clean water essential to all life is rapidly running out in much of the world. Yet the politicians are concentrating on air pollution in the form of CO2 and methane as if a catastrophe is about to hit us. The world has gotten colder the last 11 years, and the future trend is […]

80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050? Is that possible?

Let me see if I get this right. We promise an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050, but China is exempt. China just passed us in total CO2 emissions. As of March 2009 China had 19.66% of the world population while the US had 4.53%. If we assume a population growth in the US […]