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The evolution of evolution. A personal journey.

The evolution of evolution. A personal journey. In my early childhood in Sweden we lived is a small community where grades 3-6 were taught together in one class. This meant that the teacher did allow a lot of freedom to explore on my own books in the school library. They had not thrown away any […]

Time to dust off water injection

Time to dust off water injection The time goes back to cool, damp autumn evening drives in my SAAB 96. The engine was a two-stroke 3 cylinder engine of 44 horse powers in a five seated car. The power output on a warm summer day was anemic to say the least, but with 100% humidity […]

Sarah Palin and Health Care

The time goes all the way back to the surprise nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President. Not knowing anything about her except that she had just successfully negotiated a contract for building a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 I watched with interest her debut on the national stage. And there […]

Moses, Jesus and Mohammed joined in prayer where?

President Obama gave a rousing speech in Cairo which was dubbed by some as Wilsonian in its lofty rhetoric, historic in scope and generally inspiring to all of mankind. I however was left puzzled. When did Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed ever appear together, and for what purpose?   First let us take a look at the […]

The Pomperipossa effect.

The marginal tax rate above 100% which is dubbed the ‘Pomperipossa effect’  happens whenever the government subsidizes some taxpayers below a certain income level, then abruptly removes that subsidy above that level. In Sweden, beginning with the 1960s income transfer became all the rage. Certain people groups were to be raised to equality with the […]

The five tenets of the Christian Faith. A song

The five tenets of faith. A song There are five tenets of faith in Islam. What would be the corresponding tenets for a Christian? Let us take a look at what the 5 tenets of faith are in Islam. 1. Shahada (affirmation) The duty to recite the creed: “There is nothing worthy of worship save […]

Obama’s Cairo speech and the topic of crucifixion.

Obama’s Cairo speech and the topic of  crucifixion. President Obama held a speech in Cairo Jun 4 and quoted the Holy Quran a number of times. I looked up a few of the verses in context and stumbled on the term Crucify in the next verse in the same Sura. It seems that the punishment […]

Pomperipossa in Monismania

Pomperipossa in Monismania. (May I suggest you take a look at the updated version in It has a few pictures as well.) In the form of a fairy tale, the famous Swedish children’s book author Astrid Lindgren described how she, as Sole Proprietor was forced to pay a tax of 102% of her income. […]